Phil Spencer is more interested in the growth of the gaming industry than in taking away market share from competitors.

In short: You can often see the company trying to take market share from its competitors, but this is not the case with the Xbox, at least according to Phil Spencer. Instead, the VP of Xbox is focusing on growing the gaming industry as a whole, introducing features like cross play and cross save.

Spencer said he not interested downplaying other gaming platforms to make the Xbox look better. It looks like it prefers to offer users the ability to play together no matter what platform they have, and transfer game data between gaming platforms.

He also added that console wars will not help the industry grow, especially by creating “artificial barriers.” This behavior of gaming companies will only hurt them, as gamers may stop buying platforms that prevent them from playing with their friends.

When Spencer said that he sees Amazon and Google as major competitors for the gaming brand, he also said that his alleged console rivals (Nintendo and PlayStation) did not have what it takes to compete in the cloud space. After all, Microsoft has been investing in cloud infrastructure for over 10 years to build Azure, giving them a decent edge over traditional gaming companies.

Besides Google and Amazon, Spencer should also keep an eye on Nvidia. GeForce Now is probably one of the best cloud gaming services out there, and with the recently added RTX 3080 tier, users can even play at 1440p @ 120fps or 4K HDR @ 60fps for $ 100 (six months subscription).

Xbox Cloud Games Now Available for Android Devices and Xbox One and Series X Consoles | S, but there are plans to implement them on TVs and streaming joysticks.

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