Peacock’s Fresh Prince Reboot Gets Official Trailer Ahead Of February Premiere

Why is it important: While the ’90s sitcom was a comedy through and through, Bel-Air takes on a much more serious tone. It is based on a 2019 fan-made trailer that reimagines Will Smith’s life today. The trailer caught the attention of Smith, who eventually teamed up with its creator for a new series.

Soon it will be time for NBC’s Peacock streaming service to see if one of its first investments pays off.

In the summer of 2020, several streaming services, including Netflix and HBO Max, reportedly vied for the rights to the harsh remake of the ’90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Peacock eventually won the bidding war and a two-season contract, the first of which is set to premiere next month.

On Monday, streaming service NBC released the first official trailer for the show. The three-minute preview tells a story that mirrors the original: A smart street kid from West Philadelphia gets into trouble and goes to his aunt and uncle in Bel Air for safety reasons and the possibility of a better future. …

Bel-Air will premiere on Peacock during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 13th, with the first three episodes airing on that day. From now on, new episodes will be released weekly.

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