Parler says Kanye West is no longer buying the company

What happened now? All the current chaos on Twitter means it rarely makes headlines these days, but now the alternative social media platform is making the news. Parler, which has long positioned itself as the uncensored version of Twitter, is no longer being acquired by Ye, aka Kanye West.

Parlement Technologies, Parler’s parent company, said in October that it had entered into an agreement in principle to acquire the musician a “groundbreaking irrevocable free speech platform” for an undisclosed amount. The deal was expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2022 but has now been cancelled.

“Parlement Technologies has confirmed that the company has reached an agreement with Ye to end its intention to sell Parler,” the company said in a statement. “This decision was made in the interests of both parties in mid-November.”

Parler seemed unfazed by Ye’s controversy after his anti-Semitic posts on Instagram and Twitter led to a restriction/suspension of his accounts, which may have prompted his decision to buy a rival firm.

Interestingly, news of the collapse of the deal came shortly after Ye appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s Infowars program and told the host, “I like Hitler” and that he “didn’t like the word ‘evil’ around the Nazis.”

Parler didn’t say if those comments contributed to the failure of the deal – the company says the decision was made in mid-November. The spokesperson cited “recent and ongoing difficulties with E’s business” in relation to the collapse.

Yeh, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016, recently dropped Adidas, which is estimated to have cut the rapper’s net worth from $1.9 million to $400 million. It was also dropped by Gap, Balenciaga, CAA and many others.

This was reported by an anonymous potential buyer of Parler. edge that the purchase price of the company was grossly inflated, and they were shocked at how few people were using the platform: only 50,000 daily active users.

Parler could see its audience shrink even further as Elon Musk reduces Twitter moderation and reinstates previously suspended accounts. The EU has warned that turning Twitter into a public site could help Vladimir Putin by spreading Russian propaganda about the war in Ukraine.

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