Optional BMW options now include a heated seat subscription for $18 a month.

WTF?! With so many services and products now available on a subscription basis, more and more people are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice and the financial cost. So it’s surprising to see BMW decide that car buyers in some countries might be interested in higher monthly payments, including for heated seats in their new luxury car.

Something similar to the Diablo Immortal BS microtransaction level, BMW offers additional options for its vehicles for a monthly fee. It’s not something that’s available in the US, at least not yet, but you can find it on the automaker’s websites in countries like South Korea, the UK, Germany, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Outside the UK site, adding heated front seats to an already very expensive car will cost the equivalent of $18 a month. A one year subscription will set you back around $180, a three year subscription will cost you around $300, and an “unlimited” option will cost you $417.

Other additions that have been around since 2020 include steering wheel heating for $12 a month – the same as adding high beam assistant-as well as Driving Assistant Plus for $42 a month.

It’s not an easy case for customers to break down the cost of any extras they want to add to their vehicle. Equipment such as seat heating is already installed; buyers simply pay a monthly fee to remove the software block until someone finds a way to crack it. BMW’s rationale for this is that it allows the new owner access to features that the original buyer chose not to purchase. It’s not about making more money, to be honest.

Back in 2019, BMW started charging $80 for an annual subscription or $300 for 20 years just to use Apple CarPlay. The outrage led BMW to back off and make the feature standard across its entire lineup later that year.

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