Only two states oppose the idea of ​​a cashless society

Hot potato: The development of technology has led to the disappearance of many things that we once thought would last forever. But one of the most controversial areas right now is the prospect of a cashless society. Different countries have different opinions on this matter, and a new study in the US shows that only two states are opposed to saying goodbye to dollars forever.

Site of information and comparison vending machine delved into the number of countries and states that want a cashless society. This was determined using an AI sentiment analysis tool that counted the proportion of negative and positive geotagged tweets about the topic – not the most accurate method, but it still gives us an idea of ​​public opinion.

Focusing on the US, where four out of ten people now say they don’t carry cash at all, only Alabama and Delaware were the states that leaned more towards keeping paper and coin money. Barring these two exceptions, most states tweet positively about a cashless society at least a quarter of the time, with South Dakota (39.22% positive tweets), North Dakota (38.78%), Iowa (38. 48%). ) and Wisconsin (38.27%).

One of the challenges of going cashless is the problems that will arise for the poorest members of society, who may not have bank accounts. It’s unlikely that most of the positive tweets were created in states with lower levels of unbanked people. Only 4.9% of North and South Dakotas do not have a checking account, and in Iowa this number drops to 2.6%. Alabama, which had the fewest tweets in favor of cashless payments, has a non-banking rate of 7.6%.

It is estimated that 6.5% of US households do not have bank accounts. According to former Delaware Senator David McBride, many people in the state cannot get credit or debit cards. Delaware is also one of several US cities and states where cashless shops are banned, the list includes San Francisco and New Jersey.

The US is one of 54 countries that, according to researchers, want to switch to cashless payments. 32 countries rejected the idea, of which France was the largest.

The pandemic has forced a large number of businesses to switch to cashless payments, and many consumers have found that they prefer this method. Judging by the many angry Facebook posts about not losing cash, this topic is a subject of passionate debate among people from the opposite camp, often due to fears of fraud or theft.

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