Nvidia updates flagship laptop GPUs with GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti

Something to look forward to: Along with the announcements for its latest flagship and entry-level graphics cards, Nvidia also unveiled updates to its top-end laptop GPUs at CES 2022. The company promises these are the definitive updates for gaming laptops, but they are expensive.

The GeForce 3080 Ti is the first 80 Ti-level card to ever hit a laptop, with 16GB of what Nvidia calls the fastest Laptop GDDR6 RAM – even faster than the Titan RTX desktop. Entry-level laptops with the 3080 Ti will set you back $ 2,500. The GeForce 3070 Ti is slightly more affordable, but still starts at $ 1,500. It is said to outperform the RTX 2070 Super by 70 percent, with Nvidia touting 1440p performance.

Nvidia has announced 160 new 2022 laptops with RTX 30 series GPUs, including models from HP, Razer, and Acer. Some of them added DDR5 RAM. New 30-series laptops start at $ 800 with screens up to 1440 pixels, some with G-sync. All RTX 30 models, including the 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti laptops, will launch on February 1st. Nvidia also announced the fourth generation of its Max Q technologies for increase laptop efficiency and battery life including CPU optimizer, fast core scaling and battery boost 2.0.

TechSpot reviews of the latest higher-end Nvidia laptops, such as the 3080 and 3070, suggest buying them only if you talk to them regularly, rating them as good laptop GPUs but inferior to their desktop counterparts.

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