Nvidia RTX 30 Series cards will be available in select Best Buy stores tomorrow.

Bottom line: Thursday, August 26th (this is tomorrow) may be your next best opportunity to win an Nvidia RTX 30-series GPU at MSRP, but you will need to prepare accordingly if you want to win it. Namely, you will have to get out of bed early, head to your local Best Buy store and wait in line.

Best Buy has announced that on August 26th it will have a limited number of GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards. Notably, the cards are only offered in select stores, which means bots won’t be able to keep cards out of the hands of impatient gamers.

At 7:30 am local time, Best Buy employees will begin distributing tickets to those in the queue. There is a strict limitation of one ticket per customer. Those with a ticket will be eligible to purchase a video card in the store starting at 8 am local time.

Best Buy has store search on the RTX 30 series landing page, which you can use to check if your local stores have Nvidia cards. I crossed out my search as the closest store with supplies to me is more than three hours away.

Best Buy does not mention how many cards will be available in each store or which cards shoppers will be able to choose. According to Twitter user @GPURestockthe stores are expected to have around 17,000 units, consisting of the 3090, 3080, 3080 Ti, 3070, 3070 Ti and 3060 Ti models.

The electronics retailer encourages shoppers to wear masks and noted that this would comply with local safety laws.

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