Nvidia may release the GTX 1630 to compete with AMD’s entry-level graphics cards.

Rumor mill: Rumor has it that Nvidia is preparing to launch a new graphics card. Unfortunately, this is not one of the RTX 4000 series; this is the GTX 1630, the first GTX card with the designation xx30. If the rumor, and it’s just a rumor, is true, it will be the company’s first new GTX 16 series in three years.

In accordance with Videocards, the GeForce GTX 1630 will replace the six-year-old GTX 1050 Ti. This means it will be the cheapest desktop graphics card from Nvidia in years. Its entry-level 3000 series product, the RTX 3050, has an MSRP of $249, but the model closest to that price on Newegg is $329.

The attraction of the GTX 1630 may lie in its underwhelming appeal. It is expected to be under $190, the current price of the GTX 1650. The card is also expected to use a Turing-era TU117 GPU and have a TDP of less than 75W, as well as new GDDR6 memory. As with the GTX 1650, don’t be surprised if Nvidia releases multiple GTX 1630 models with different specs.

If the GTX 1630 is priced around $190 or less, that will put it up against the AMD RX 6500 XT and RX 6400, two cards we rated poorly due to their PCIe 4.0 x4 interface and lack of AV1 hardware encoding and decoding. Nvidia could do well if the GTX 1630 fixes those shortcomings.

Availability and prices for graphics cards are improving dramatically – just look at the latest AMD RDNA 2 offerings – and low-end cards have long been the most popular among gamers. The GTX 1060 has been the number one card in the Steam poll for over four years, and its position could soon be threatened by the GTX 1650, which was the second best card last month. Nvidia is hoping that the GTX 1630 will be able to repeat this success.

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