Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang called ChatGPT the greatest event in the history of the computing industry.

What happened now? Jensen Huang, co-founder and CEO of Nvidia, praises ChatGPT, calling it the “iPhone moment” for artificial intelligence and the greatest thing the computer industry has ever seen.

Generative AI, especially GatGPT, their popularity has skyrocketed in recent months, and companies are rushing to incorporate them into their products. It has also led to the launch of hundreds of startups based on this technology. Nvidia boss Huang recently delivered his enthusiastic verdict when he appeared as one of the dignitaries during a series of speeches by Berkeley University’s dean Haas.

When asked by a student about ChatGPT during a Q&A session, Huang highlighted how many people have started using the chatbot in such a short amount of time. The 100 million users it added in its first few months make it the fastest growing consumer app in history, although ChatGPT says it considers itself a tool, not an app.

“When was the last time we saw technology that is so versatile that it can solve problems and surprise people so often? Of course she can write a poem. […] He could fill out a spreadsheet; it can write SQL query and execute SQL query; he can write code in Python; he can write Verilog, and as you know, if he can’t do it today, of course he can do it someday,” Jensen said. “This is the moment of the iPhone, if you will, of artificial intelligence. “

Huang went on to explain how the ChatGPT API can be connected to spreadsheets, PowerPoint, drawing or photo editing programs, and more to improve the programs.

Considering the speed of ChatGPT’s spread, Huang said, “It’s no different than when browsers were created, and overnight someone created JavaScript, and you got a pretty amazing website. Or when the iPhone came out and someone wrote something and took about a couple of days off and they have software that they can download from the app store.”

Huang ended with a laugh as he explained how ChatGPT’s ability to write programs could make a difference. “Literally anyone can program a computer,” he said. “We’ve democratized computing to a very, very large extent.”

No wonder Huang is so positive about ChatGPT. Nvidia is a major player in the AI ​​world, building hardware and software for much of the industry. The company’s share price has jumped 33% this month amid interest in ChatGPT, and the growth of the chatbot is predicted to drive Nvidia’s sales between $3 billion and $11 billion over the next 12 months.

Google, Microsoft, and even China’s Baidu have integrated ChatGPT or similar services into their products, and it looks like we’ve entered a new era of artificial intelligence. But, as with all new technologies, there are concerns about the potential harms of generative AI, including giving users wrong information, allowing students to cheat on exams, and workers using it without telling their bosses.

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