Numbers Show RTX 3050 Not Worth Mining

Why is it important: When Nvidia unveiled the desktop RTX 3050 at CES earlier this month, some likely assumed that crypto miners would snap up most of them, just like other new GPUs. However, a recent hash rate analysis shows that the budget card is not intended for blockchain mining.

According to VideoCardz Chinese sources, the RTX 3050 comes with Nvidia’s Lite Hash Rate algorithm, which drops its hash rate is from 20 MH/s to 12.5 MH/s while consuming only 75W. Twitter user @wxnod published similar results in a separate analysis show 13.66 MHz/s at 57 watts. These numbers are much lower informed hashrates of similar cards like GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 570.

VideoCardz calculated that the 3050 could take 500 days to break even at its $250 MSRP. These days, most GPUs sell for almost twice as much, so the break-even period could be up to two years.

AMD recently deliberately shipped its latest entry-level GPU – the RX 6500 XT – with just 4GB of RAM to scare off miners, but the reviews weren’t favorable for mining or gaming. If reports of the 3050’s low hash rate are confirmed after its January 27th launch, or if the algorithm isn’t cracked, it could become an entry-level card for ray-traced 1080p gaming with DLSS. The junior model of the Intel Arc Alchemist series can compete with its own counterpart RT and DLSS.

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