Nomad’s summer sales cut 30 percent of phone sales on the site


I loved all things skin? Then you want to check out Nomad’s Summer vibration sale, which runs until July 25th. The accessory manufacturer offers 30 percent off all Nomad products at full price if you use the promotional code ESTATE30 to the cash register. We tested many of these accessories for personal technology devices, including phone cases, cables, wallets and wireless chargers. These are our favorites.

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Almost nomadic

Robust Nomad case with MagSafe

Photography: Nomad

Most of Nomad’s uses of leather come from a Chicago-based conglomerate called Horween. I currently have a handcrafted case in this leather wrapped around my iPhone 12 Pro Max. The material feels soft and develops a nice patina over time. It also offers decent protection. The polycarbonate body of the case has a thermoplastic elastomer bumper around the sides, and the front edges are slightly raised to prevent your screen from touching your desk when you have your phone face down. The inside of the case is coated with protective microfiber, and the case is encrusted with a series of magnets, so you can use it with any MagSafe accessory.

Don’t have an iPhone 12? Nomad always sells these cases for u iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and the Google Pixel 4.

I’ve had this sturdy case that has been protecting my AirPods Pro for over a year, and it’s still in excellent condition. The shell feels much nicer than Apple’s shiny case. Don’t worry, wireless charging still works, and you can even press the button at the bottom to reset the Bluetooth connection without having to unplug the case. There is also a hole for the LED light to glow.

Nomad also sells a similar case for the Standard AirPod, and the new Google Pixel Buds Serie A wireless earbuds, which we reviewed recently.

We liked this case enough to include it in our Guide to the Best iPad Accessories. It has a front and back shell protection for your slate, and also keeps the edges covered. It does not block space for the Apple Pencil. Since it’s a folio, you can use it as a horse to support the iPad. It is available only for the current-generation iPad Air, the 12.9-inch 3rd and 4th generation iPad Pro, and the 11-inch 1st and 2nd generation iPad Pro. (In short, it is only compatible with the two previous iPad Pro devices, not the 2021 models).

If you do not want a foil case but only a back cover, attach it Rugged Case instead.

Chargers and Nomad Wireless Cables

Nomad Pro Base Station

Photography: Nomad

Of the many wireless chargers I’ve tested, the Nomad Base Station is the one that stays on my work desk. It uses a relatively new technology from a company called Aira that allows you to wirelessly recharge a device anywhere on the surface – you don’t need to put it in a very specific location, or worry that minimal misalignment will stop your device from recharge. Real comfort! (You can read more about this technology here.) This pad can be recharged around three devices, such as two phones and a wireless headset case, and looks very, very stylish with its leather top. Just a note: I charge dozens of phones for this thing, but the only phones that seem to have problems are the Google Pixel devices. If you have one, attach something else, like the charger below.

I will be adding this little charger to our guide to Best Wireless Chargers. It doesn’t use the same Aira technology as the charger above, but it doesn’t matter; it is so compact, you will have no trouble finding the correct placement. It is attractive and includes a USB-C to USB-C cable.

Nomad has others wireless chargers for sale we haven’t tried, understood a stand, a Base Station without Aira technology but with extra USB ports, and those with Integrated Apple Watch chargers.

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