Noctua Cooler Owners Can Get Alder Lake Mounting Kits Free After CPU Launch

Why is it important: Intel’s Alder Lake is on its way, and with it the transition from the current generation LGA 1200 socket to the LGA 1700 socket. for upgrading hybrid processors.

Noctua speaks its new NM-i17xx-MP83 and NM-i17xx-MP78 SecuFirm2 mounting kits will enable coolers with mounting spacing of 83 and 78 mm to work with the LGA 1700. These kits are said to be easy to install and require no pre-assembly. or adjustment.

Mounting kits come in standard chrome and all black Chromax. They will be available free of charge through the Noctua website as soon as Alder Lake processors and motherboards go on sale. Those wishing to take advantage of the offer must provide proof of purchase for the corresponding Noctua CPU and LGA 1700 or LGA 1700 motherboard.

“Using a CPU cooler on a multi-generation platform instead of buying a new heatsink for each generation is not only cost effective but also helps to reduce unnecessary waste and save precious resources,” said Noctua CEO Roland Mossig. “By upgrading, not replacing a cooler, you are actively contributing to a more resilient PC industry!”

Noctua is also in the process of updating its latest coolers with LGA 1700 mounting hardware – new parts are already available for select models.

Unfortunately for owners of the NH-L9i series, there will be no upgrade kits due to “major compatibility issues”. Noctua will release revised versions this October.

Check out these recent leaked Alder Lake benchmarks comparing DDR5-4800 versus DDR4-3200 memory paired with one of the processors likely a Core i9-12900 or i9-12900K.

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