Nintendo Warns Switch Users About Condensation Effects

PSA: Nintendo Switch owners usually worry about issues like the system’s infamous Joy-Con stick drift, or perhaps protecting the screen from damage. Concerns about condensation were rare. However, this appears to be a real enough issue for Nintendo Support to warn users.

Nintendo’s Japanese support channel tweeted this week that Switch owners should be on the lookout for condensation and turn off the console completely instead of putting it to sleep if there is a problem. It’s unclear why Nintendo only recently issued a warning as the Switch approaches its sixth birthday.

The company advises to watch out for water drops, as rapid changes in ambient temperature can damage the console. The tweet includes images of water droplets on the Switch’s screen, but Nintendo didn’t specify if it’s concerned about moisture on the top of the screen getting inside the system or air inside the Switch condensing into water droplets.

If users see drops, the company says they should move the Switch to a warm room until it dries, suggesting that Nintendo is currently concerned about users taking devices out of heated buildings in winter weather outdoors. Internal condensation may be unlikely as such equipment is designed to provide a clean flow of air from the inside to the outside, and its use naturally generates heat.

The tweet also contains a link leading to directions to turn off the switch completely. Most users probably already know to press the power button for three seconds and then choose Power Options > Power Off. You can also force shutdown the system by holding the power button for 12 seconds.

Meanwhile, a small company in China has begun offering Switch owners a solution to the system’s most notorious problem, Joy-Con stick drift. Users can buy new analog sticks from GuliKit that use Hall effect sensors that are not subject to drift.

In other Switch news sources said Bloomberg that Nintendo plans to increase production of the system amid strong demand, despite its advanced age. The company likely expects further demand growth when it releases the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on May 12th.

If production does ramp up, that will likely assuage rumors that Nintendo may be introducing a successor to the Switch soon, at least for now. The company launched the system in April 2017, and analysts predict its sequel may appear as early as 2024.

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