Niantic closes Pokémon Go trading after learning one player received 100 “lucky” trades

In a nutshell: Lucky Pokémon are Ultra Rare monsters with better stats and the benefit of 50% reduced resource cost for bonuses. Earlier this week, a Pokémon Go player posted a photo of 100 lucky Pokémon he collected in a short time while trading with a friend. When Pokémon Go developer Niantic learned of the news, they suspended trading while they investigated the crash.

Getting even one lucky Pokémon isn’t easy, let alone getting 100. Nintendo Life notes that there are a few things that can help. increase your chances of, for example, owning a monster for over a year or trading with a “lucky friend”. The latter may have something to do with the crash.

Trading with a lucky friend ensures that the trade will lead to a lucky Pokémon. However, it is extremely rare to become a happy friend. Players have a 5% chance to receive a gift only once per day. Even so, it should only last one trade.

Redditor AndKrem says he and his friend were happy friends when this happenedbut the status never went away.

“We were both happy friends when we started and still are. The status of happy friends has not disappeared, and every trade turned out to be a successful trade,” said a happy trader in p/TheSilphRoad subreddit.

It looks like it was a very rare case where both friends got happy status at the same time and the game didn’t know how to handle the situation, but that’s just a guess on my part.

Players were a bit unhappy when they heard that Niantic had closed trading. One player noted how fast Niantic reacted to a post on the unofficial Pokémon subreddit, but is slowly fixing bugs posted through official channels.

“[It’s] I just find it funny how they CLEARLY read Reddit, but do NOTHING, promptly solve other problems or listen to our recommendations, ”said StevensDs.

Some immediately replied that this is always the case when developers find a glitch that affects their work. profit.

Other players had more practicality on the Niantic rush.

“It’s nice that one person benefited from something and they immediately battened down the hatches. Now they have a sample of size 1 for the error, so it will be difficult to reproduce it, ”said a Kotaku reader. “If it was me, I would wait until [Redditors] will inevitably publish steps to resolve the error before stopping trading. Because now you have free replay steps.”

Disabling trading in the game is not something unprecedented. Shortly after the launch of New World, Amazon shut down its in-game economy management due to a gold duplication failure. He even went so far as to threaten all players who take advantage of the bug.

It seems that in this case, Niantic stopped trading before anyone else could take advantage of the glitch, and it is doubtful that he will punish the lucky traders who unexpectedly encountered him. However, the developer did not comment further on the situation.

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