Newest product from Japanese gaming company aims to reduce injuries in esports

In the context: Computer games companies may offer different products, but they all have one thing in common: they will call anything “games” in the hope of taking away your hard-earned money. And then there is one company that is constantly pushing the boundaries of the “needs of gamers”. Bauhutte has expanded its lineup with products you probably didn’t know about, there is a market. Leading this time around is a new gaming hand massager called … you guessed it, the Hand Massager.

You grab your gaming goggles, put on your gaming gloves, and sit in the gaming chair. You are ready to show the world why you are one of the best games in the world. But after hours of battle with your trusty gaming keyboard and gaming mouse, you feel like your hands just can’t hold up anymore.

You are so close to a boss fight, so close to a thousand followers, and so close to in-game glory … you can’t give up now! But what can you do? You can wedge your hand into the new Bauchütte Manual massager for gamers

The new massager provides users with the same multi-functional capabilities as other Bauhutte products such as Play mattress and an elite Damegi 4G ninja jumpsuit with Drop Seat System 6.0. According to a website that says “pre- and post-play hand care is a new custom,” the massager can help gamers warm their hands before playing, improve and refresh blood circulation during breaks, and cool their hand. loosening stiff fingers.

The device includes a 15-layer airbag that wraps around the user’s hand using two different settings: acupressure mode and finger extension mode.

If you find that you cannot live without manual massage, you may be interested in complementing your relaxation with the Bauhutte foot massager. The device provides three individual massage programs to relieve stress and improve blood circulation.

And for those who constantly have to choose between furry friends and friends online … worry no more! The Nyan Garoo (Meowgaroo) 2 sweatshirt from Bauhutte is specially designed for you to share your playing achievements with your cat.

If the need arises, you can get up to use the toilet without disturbing your feline companion. I didn’t come up with it, it’s really because of the brief description of the product’s capabilities.

It looks like most of the products are restricted to shipping areas served by Amazon Japan. I think those of us who don’t know how to place orders will have to learn to be content with our cat keyboard and regular old mattresses.

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