Newegg accidentally shipped Alder Lake processors to some customers earlier and asks them to keep quiet

Facepalm: Reviewers who inadvertently violate the embargo often find themselves in a quandary, but worst of all, the retailer ships the product ahead of the official release date. This is the situation Newegg found itself in, shipping some of Intel’s Alder Lake processors to customers a week before their November 4th launch date. Solution? Ask those who received them not to share information regarding the processors.

Reddit a thread (by using VideoCardz) reveals that several customers of the popular e-commerce site who pre-ordered their Alder Lake chips were pleasantly surprised when they arrived ahead of the official launch date.

Intel will be far from happy to know that Newegg placed the processors ahead of time, which is supposed to be just a mistake and other companies have been to blame in the past. Because this violates the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between the two firms, Newegg contacts the relevant customers to ask or plead with them not to divulge any processor information. One person was told that this would “avoid any problem.”

Got 12900K tomorrow, what can’t I post? Just got a phone call from Newegg and the woman said I can’t post anything until 4/11?

– Gifnx

Just got the same call and mine just came in about an hour ago. The 12900k packaging looks amazing! 12700k looks a bit mediocre.

– New

Just got a voicemail from a woman. Told me not to publish anything until 11/4 “to avoid problems” 🤷‍♂️

– Discovet11

The problem with Newegg, of course, is that none of the people who got the chips before have signed the NDA, so they can do whatever they want without any consequences. Something the seller really does have to their advantage is that there are currently no Alder Lake motherboards – other than those in the hands of reviewers – so no one can publish their own performance data; assuming Newegg doesn’t accidentally send multiple AL mobs early on. Moreover, the packaging / physical processors have already been disclosed, so it doesn’t look like there is much new information to share.

In other Alder Lake / Newegg news, DDR5 memory kits have already sold out on the site, which cost up to $ 400.

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