New York City’s New Mayor Wants His First Three Salaries To Be Paid In Bitcoin

What happened now? Eric Adams, New York’s mayor-elect, wants to make the city “the hub of the cryptocurrency industry.” To show that he is serious about these plans, Adams said he wants his first three salaries to be paid in bitcoin.

Adams announced his love for cryptocurrency on Twitter in response to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’s announcement that he will receive his next salary in Bitcoin. “In New York, we always have great success, so I’m going to get my first THREE bitcoin salaries when I become mayor,” Adams replied. “New York will become the hub of the cryptocurrency industry and other fast-growing innovative industries! Wait!”

Interaction is really like a crypto competition to measure love between two men. Suarez also said he is committed to making Miami a hub for cryptocurrency innovation, and in August helped create the MiamiCoin project that allows people to invest cryptocurrency in the city – he has already raised $ 7 million for Miami.

Suarez announced that Miami plans to accept tax payments in bitcoin and allow employees to receive their salaries in cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, the city also hosted the Bitcoin 2021 event and attracted several other major crypto conferences.

Adams said in an interview Bloomberg Radio that this is all a “friendly competition” with Suarez. “He has MiamiCoin, which is working really well – we’re going to see where to go,” said the new mayor, adding that he plans to find out what is holding back the growth of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in New York.

It remains to be seen if Adams will actually receive his first three bitcoin salaries, given the potential wage and tax issues this could cause. And even if he does, this one move is unlikely to make New York a much better place to invest in cryptocurrency than Miami.


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