New Alone in the Dark starring David Harbor and Jodie Comer releases in October, prologue now available for free on Steam

In short: If you’re old enough to remember Alone in the Dark – MS-DOS games from the 90s, not more recent remakes – here’s some exciting news: another remake is in the making, coming out October 25th. It features Jody. Comer from Killing Eve and Free Guy, and Stranger Things star David Harbour. Best of all, the playable prologue is already available on Steam.

Instead of a Dead Space-like timed demo, developer Pieces Interactive released the entire prologue of the gamewhich takes place before the main events and in which a young girl named Grace Saunders roams the mansion.

You can download the prologue right now on Steam. Reviews are mostly positive, with some of the complaints regarding the 16GB install size, which takes about eleven minutes. It seems to be more of an introduction to the scene, creating an atmosphere; there’s no combat or anything, but there are a few nerve-wracking moments.

Comer and Harbor play protagonists Emily Hartwood and private investigator Edward Carnby—both characters who appeared in the original games—who investigate the haunted rural hospital known as Derceto Manor and Emily’s missing uncle, Jeremy Hartwood.

Developer Pieces Interactive said the game will change depending on which character the players choose, with each interpreting their journey in their own way, reacting to their environment in their own way, and the people of Derceto have different attitudes towards Hartwood and Carnby.

Alone in the Dark has many big names. In addition to Hollywood actors, its creative director is Mikael Hedberg, screenwriter of the horror classic Amnesia: The Dark Descent and genius SOMA. It also features drawings of the creatures by Guillermo Del Toro co-creator Guy Davis.

The game has the usual puzzle elements found in survival horror games and promises tense and tough fights where players will need to use every bullet they can find. There are also melee weapons and throwing weapons in case you run out of ammo.

There are several free (full) games available at the moment. Fallout: New Vegas is on sale for free on the Epic Games Store, and the strategy game Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – War Relics free on Steam.

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