Nearly half a million Tesla cars recalled in the US due to trunk lid problems

PSA: If you own a 2021 Model S or a 2014-2020 Tesla Model 3, keep in mind that the company and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have recalled those vehicles. Both models have front and rear rack problems that can cause the driver to see poorly.

Reuters notes that Tesla will withdraw more than 475,000 vehicles were sold in the USA. For issues related to the rearview camera and trunk, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) voluntarily recalled about 356 people.000 2014-2020 Model 3C and 119 more,000 2021 Model S vehicles The total number of recalled vehicles is almost equivalent to Tesla’s 499,000 electric vehicles. sold last year.

NHTSA discovered a camera issue in Model 3 vehicles when it investigated another unrelated side-view camera issue. In particular, the wiring harness on backup cameras can be damaged a Model 3 trunk lid that prevents the image from being displayed.

Tesla had a warranty replacement for 2,301 customers due to a rear-view camera issue. Another 601 issue reports have been filed in the United States.

The Model S line also has a front rack problem (see above). In this case, the front cover does not close properly. Tesla says faulty latches can cause the front trunk lid suddenly opened, blocking the driver’s view.

The NHTSA said Tesla is not aware of any accidents, injuries or deaths associated with any of these issues.

Bloomberg notes that Tesla shares fell marginally 3% when NHTSA announced the recall this morning. Promotions since then bounced and are trading at $ 1,079.50, slightly below the daily opening. However, even if the fall were more significant, it probably wouldn’t hurt the electric vehicle giant. Tesla shares are up nearly 48 percent since the beginning of the year.

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