Ncase discontinues its award-winning SFF M1 PC case after eight years

What happened now? One of the best small form factor chassis on the market discontinued. Ncase, the manufacturers of the M1 SFF chassis, recently posted a notice on their website that they decided not to order another batch of M1 Classic cases. Thus, the product’s lifespan has actually come to an end after eight years of use.

V M1 was conceived back in 2012 by two members of the HardOCP forum. Wahaha360 Likes SilverStone SG03 SFF Chassis, but wanted something entirely made of aluminum. With no solution on the market, the user turned to Necere, who helped design the chassis of their dreams.

It is noteworthy that they were able to bring the project to the end, including the successful Indiegogo Campaign as well as the production of Lian Li. The whole process was in the archive on the Hard Forum if you want to follow the story.

In his farewell messageNkeys said growing component requirements and changes in the market have made the M1 a less attractive option in recent times. Indeed, graphics cards these days are much larger than they used to be, and due to the lack of space, compatibility has suffered.

Remarkably, this is not the end of the Ncase, but rather an opportunity for something new. The team stated that they do have new products in development but are not yet ready for production or provide an estimate of the time. Presently Ncase website will remain to live for informational purposes.

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