Mozilla unveils major Firefox updates for Android and iOS

In short: Mozilla has made big changes to its mobile browsers. Most of these changes concern the way browser tabs are organized and recent Internet activity. These updates are currently rolling out, although some are currently only available for Android. This comes after Mozilla added some more traditional browser features to the privacy-focused Firefox Focus last month.

Mozilla said he wants tabs in mobile Firefox to feel less cluttered and make it easier for users to return to what they’ve recently started reading or recently searched for. To this end, the mobile Firefox home page has been reorganized with additional optional sections under recently viewed pages.

The Go Back feature places recently viewed active tabs under recent pages on the home page. The last saved bookmarks will also appear on the home page.

A collection of recent searches may appear below for Android users. This feature should group searches and related pages by topic. According to Mozilla, this can help users remember everything they are looking at, which is related to what they might be learning. Firefox Mobile must save every recent search topic for 14 days.

On Android, tabs that have not been opened for 14 days will be inactive, hidden but not closed. We were told that iOS users should get this feature “in the coming months.” Below is a list of suggested new stories from Pocket. Android users can customize this channel according to their interests, and Mozilla has promised that the feature will come to iOS users at a later date.

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Last month, Mozilla also added shortcuts for Firefox Focus, an alternative mobile browser designed to block trackers, hide user information, and quickly delete browser history. For now, Firefox Focus can pin up to four shortcuts to its home screen, request a site on the desktop, and disable tracker blocking if that causes the website to stop working.

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