Modder creates custom PlayStation 2 handheld using original console hardware

Editor’s comment: The YouTuber took the world’s best-selling home video game console and turned it into an attractive laptop that could exist in an alternate reality. It’s not perfect, but that makes me want to play it just as much.

The journey began a few years ago when GingerOfOz acquired a used PlayStation 2 on eBay. Having recently completed Wii portable buildThe modder intended to do something similar with the PS2, but ended up putting the console on hold until he finally decided to do something with it this year.

With renewed determination, GingerOfOz set to work to shrink the PS2 donor motherboard as much as possible. He turned to the Internet and found a convenient PS2 Trim Guidebut his first attempt ended in disaster. In the second round, things were going much better, which allowed him to move forward with other build elements such as the 3D printed shell.

GingerOfOz also used custom PCBs from PCBWay… Instead of an optical drive (which physically does not fit into the system and consumes a lot of power), the assembly runs games from a PS2 memory stick via USB. The PS Vita buttons were used and the whole thing was painted black and named PS2 Eclipse.

As you can see, the project has turned out beautifully. Since it uses original hardware, no emulation is required, which means the games work just like they do on the standard PS2. Basically. The USB interface is slower than the optical drive, so boot times are slightly slower and some splash screens are a little laggy.

Since the case is 3D printed, it has the familiar “rough” texture, and there is also a controller bug that still needs to be fixed, but otherwise a great build.

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