Microsoft updates Notepad for Windows 11 with new visuals and dark mode

In short: It’s been a long time since Microsoft updated Notepad, but now that Windows 11 is out, the software giant has decided it’s time to show its well-deserved love for one of its oldest apps. In Windows 11, Notepad will ship with new features including dark mode, Mica visuals, improved find / replace tools, and layered undo tools.

Notepad last got new features in 2018 when the developer introduced new shortcuts and improvements to the find / replace and word wrap dialog. Since then, the text editor application has stalled, while alternatives such as Sublime Text, Notepad ++, and Atom have continued to improve.

However, Microsoft is now trying to catch up. bringing updated user interface with rounded windows, updated menus and a new settings page. These visuals were achieved with the Mica material, an opaque dynamic material in the background of an application that changes based on the color of the desktop wallpaper.

Another visual aspect introduced in the new Notepad is dark mode. You can enable it in the settings page, but if you are already using it on Windows 11, the application will inherit this setting and use it by default. Besides the dark mode option, users can choose from several font options on the settings page.

Moving on to the new editing capabilities of Notepad, the Windows 11 text editor will offer a more user-friendly find / find / replace that looks more modern and easier to use. In addition, the software developer has also added support for tiered undo, one of the most requested features in the community.

Microsoft acknowledges that there are some bugs in the preview version of the text editor that need to be fixed, but promises to fix them in future releases. The new Notepad app is currently only available to Windows 11 Insiders. If you’re one of them but can’t find it, try checking for updates via Microsoft Store

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