Microsoft reminds us that Internet Explorer will be disabled on June 15

In short: Microsoft is once again warning the few organizations and people who still use Internet Explorer that in a few months this browser will disappear forever. However, the ancient software will live on as Edge’s IE mode – at least for a while.

Last May, Microsoft announced that it would be phasing out Internet Explorer in its traditional form this year. The announcement came as a bit of a surprise given that a year earlier the company had said it was ending browser support in Microsoft 365, and a few months later it began redirecting some websites from IE to Edge.

Now the Redmond firm has published FAQ reminding people that Internet Explorer is retiring. The desktop app will end support on June 15, 2022 on the most recent versions of Windows 10. Shortly thereafter, Microsoft will release a Windows update that will completely remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10 devices and redirect users to Edge if they try to access the app.

Microsoft understands that there are those who still rely on IE for compatibility or purely nostalgic reasons. The company points this small group to Microsoft Edge’s Internet Explorer mode, which allows you to access legacy Internet Explorer-based websites and apps directly from the new Chromium-based browser.

It looks like Microsoft is expecting some items to need access via IE for some time to come; Internet Explorer mode in Edge will be supported until at least 2029. But Windows 8.1 users will see the end of IE Mode on January 10, 2023, while Windows 7 users with Extended Security Update will lose it on January 15, 2023.

According to statistics counter, IE still retains 1.14% of the global desktop browser market share, while Edge holds 9.6%. Expect the number of Internet Explorer to drop even more this year.

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