Microsoft ran out of Xbox in Halo tournament, used developer kits instead

Trimming corners: It’s been over a year since its release, and the new Xbox still can’t be bought for Christmas at a reasonable price. And so does Microsoft. At the first Halo event of the season, the company ran out of Xbox stock and provided open-grid players with development kits.

You might think that the role of the manufacturer itself would help Microsoft find enough Xbox consoles, but apparently not. At least they don’t save them!

The new season of the Halo Championship Series kicked off on Friday and will run through the weekend. here). At the time of this writing, four of the 32 teams that took part in the tournament are still fighting for the first place.

By now, every player will have a genuine Xbox Series X. But at the start of the tournament, some players were using the Xbox Developer Kits in “retail mode,” according to Halo esports leader Tahir Hasanjekic, aka Tashi. …

If Microsoft hypothetically brought the Xbox Series X to each of the 128 players in the tournament’s open grid at their current price on eBay, they would have to spend about $ 120,000; almost half of the tournament prize pool of $ 250,000.

But actually Microsoft doesn’t have to pay that much. A hundred consoles aren’t much for them, and their inability to get them on time is better explained by poor planning. However, the developer kits are easy to use, and aside from a few technical issues that are (to our knowledge) unrelated to consoles, the tournament was fun.

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