Microsoft plans to add tabs to File Explorer in Windows 11

What to look forward to: Windows fans have been asking Microsoft to improve the File Explorer interface for years, prompting some of them to create concepts showing what a modernized version might look like. A recent preview build of Windows 11 suggests the company is once again looking into adding tabs to File Explorer, one of the most requested features.

On Wednesday, Microsoft released a new Windows 11 Insider Preview build on the Dev channel that includes several internal fixes, some cosmetic changes, and a new video editing tool that will supposedly fill the hole left by Movie Maker’s end of support.

However, the new Insider build also has some additional features that are not immediately visible. According to Rafael Rivera – one of the developers Ear Tube volume control app – Microsoft may be making another attempt to enable tabs in File Explorer. His findings have been confirmed by several others who regularly uncover hidden gems in preview builds of Windows.

This new feature is considered one of several that the company has received in the A/B category. testing from February. As some of you may remember, this is not the first time Microsoft has explored this concept. Back in 2017, the Redmond-based giant began testing the idea of ​​adding tabs to all Windows 10 apps, including File Explorer, with a feature called Sets.

Microsoft eventually canceled the project to focus more on porting its Edge browser to the Chromium engine. With Windows 11, the company has started to modernize File Explorer again, simplifying the ribbon interface at the top, and now it looks like tabs might be added in the next major Windows 11 update.

It is worth noting that the developer has already done everything possible and created an alternative to File Explorer. The app is simply called “Files” and offers support for tabs, themes, dual pane, tags, and more.

If Microsoft really wants to add tab support to File Explorer in Windows 11, it probably won’t be long before it gets an official announcement.

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