Microsoft PC Game Pass now shows game length based on different playstyles.

What happened now? Microsoft has added another feature to its already packaged PC Game Pass service: Game lists now show how long it takes to complete a game. Luckily, this isn’t just limited to averages, as it includes four different times depending on how you like to play games.

Microsoft is partnering with How long to beat, a community-driven website specializing in game length, to implement the new PC Game Pass feature. Just select a game on the service, and in the “Details” section, you will see how long it will take you.

There are four estimated times on the list. The main story is for those few people who like to play through the main campaign/plot without doing anything, so this style will take a minimum of time.

Next comes the Main + Additional. This adds extras such as additional quests/missions, medals, and unlockable items during the main story. The completion, which is obviously the longest, is for those who feel compelled to complete the game 100%, revealing everything there is to see and do. Finally, there are all the styles. This takes into account all styles of play to arrive at an estimated average time.

You can also click on the View Details link. This directs you to the HowLongToBeat website for a more detailed time breakdown and allows users to submit their own. The site also features community and critic reviews, as well as walkthrough notes.

A quick look at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey reveals that all styles have a total time of 91 hours, which is roughly the amount of time the author spent on the adventure. It’s interesting to see Forza Horizon 5 clock in at 36 hours for the main story + expansions, and a whopping 101 hours for the Completionist.

In addition to the new feature, Microsoft writes that the Xbox app for PC now launches 15% faster and includes fixes that improve its responsiveness. In addition, search results will return 20% faster, and according to Microsoft, player reports of games that weren’t downloaded or successfully installed were cut in half.

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