Microsoft is adding a game bar to Edge, and some people don’t like it

What just happened? Microsoft has long tried to drive users to Edge by adding additional features. The latest addition is the Games panel, although it’s hard to imagine many people switching to Edge just because they can play casual games right in a Chromium-based browser.

Redditor u / Leopeva64-2 noticed the Play button toggle in the appearance settings of the latest version of Edge Canary. Enabling this feature adds a “Games” button to the browser omnibar next to the address bar.

Clicking on the button on the right side of Edge will bring up a panel filled with browser-based titles, many from the MSN Games page, sorted into categories including arcade, board and card games, puzzle, sports, casual, Microsoft classics and more. Clicking on one of the headings will launch it directly in the browser.

As of November, Edge had 4.19% of the browser market. Statcounter… While this is more than Firefox’s 3.19%, it’s a far cry from Chrome’s 64% lead.

Lately, Microsoft has been trying to get more people involved with its product, although its methods may sound better in the boardroom than in practice. Earlier this month, the company told those trying to load Chrome “so 2008” that Edge is better; Edge-integrated Buy Now Pay Later app has received anger from users; and Windows 11 was a complete failure, although it has since softened its stance when it comes to moving away from the default browser.

We don’t know when the Games panel option will roll out to Edge users across other channels, assuming it does, but judging by the comments on Reddit, a lot of people are unhappy with the addition. “Here comes the bloat!” wrote Encrypted_Curse and nickthaskater asked, “Why the hell does Edge need embedded games?”

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