Microsoft Halo Infinite Xbox Series X “Very” Limited Edition No Longer Available at a Reasonable Price

Facepalm: Well, we can’t really say we didn’t expect this. During Gamescom’s Opening Ceremony Live, Microsoft announced a limited edition Halo 20th Anniversary Xbox Series X. Pre-sales started yesterday, and unsurprisingly, they’ve sold out and come at hefty markups from speculators.

Among the various trailers and game updates during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live presentation, Microsoft found it appropriate for to announce A “very” limited edition Xbox Series X dedicated to Halo, celebrating the franchise’s 20th anniversary. The $ 550 console won’t go on sale until November 15, but pre-orders started yesterday.

The console was available directly from Microsoft as well Amazon, Best buy, Target, and Walmart… As of this morning, the units were still available at Best Buy and Target. Not surprisingly, tickets for all locations are sold out. Judging by the newest EBay Ads, a large number of pre-orders went to speculators. Halo Xbox Series X costs $ 3,100, although most offerings are closer to $ 1,000. The highest confirmed sale so far has been for $ 1,300.

It’s debatable why the Xbox team thought this was a great time to announce the next-gen dedicated console during the biggest home game console shortage in history. However, the optics are pretty clear. With little or no adequate controls to stop bots from grabbing all of the inventory, Microsoft appears to have taken advantage of its current state of hardware sales to release an already limited Xbox, knowing it would be snatched up within hours.

To be clear, I am not saying that this was Microsoft’s intention, only that the timing and optics of the situation make it look like a money grab. Of course, this will continue until stores start selling consoles at their regular locations.

Retailers are also to blame for taking advantage of the situation. It will soon be a year since the launch of the next generation consoles. The consumer shopping frenzy has slowed and the pandemic is abating. However, you still cannot go to your local store and buy one because retailers continue to refuse to sell consoles at their outlets. They became quite happy with the sale as soon as they placed their holdings online, shamelessly selling all their shares to speculators, consumer be damned.

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