Microsoft Emailing “Dear Customers” Links to Direct Purchase of Xbox Series X Packages

Good luck, you’ll need this: The holidays are approaching and getting game consoles will be harder than ever. Retailers continue to “struggle” for clever ways to combat speculators, although a return to filling brick-and-mortar stores seems like an obvious solution. Sure, it’s easy to blame the chip shortage and speculators, but retailers aren’t perfect.

Microsoft is ditching scalpers by offering Xbox Series X packages to “esteemed customers.” Over the past week or so, he has emailed customers with links to directly purchase console packages.

Ligaments contain Xbox Series X (including controller), additional controller, and one game. Tom Warren of The Verge notes that customers can choose from Madden 22, GTA V, Rust, Far Cry 6, Hasbro Family Fun Pack, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, Insurgency Sandstorm, or Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Units are available on a first come, first served basis, so you are not guaranteed to land. However, the shopping links are linked to your store account, so no one else can use them. Microsoft also limits sales to one order and a maximum of two orders per 30 days.

It is unclear exactly how Microsoft selects clients for its email distribution. Warren suggests that the links are for users who have recently made purchases from Microsoft’s US online store and have purchased Xbox software or hardware. This seems like a reasonable assumption.

Microsoft’s idea of ​​curbing scalpers seems better than Japanese retailers Nojima Denki and GEO, who began writing customer names on console packaging, hoping that would dissuade scalpers from reselling them. Others, like Walmart, have developed complex queues that try to weed out bots and repeat shoppers.

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