Microsoft Edge receives price change alerts, easy password changes, and “efficiency mode”.

In short: Microsoft Edge is already a compelling alternative to the likes of Google Chrome and Firefox, but it’s getting even better now with a few key updates, one of which might help a little during the holiday shopping season. New features include price change alerts, “efficiency mode” and a tool to help you quickly change hacked passwords.

Each of these features would be great additions to the Edge experience on their own, but together they do quite a lot. meat bag… Firstly, the economy mode – there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re using Edge on a low-power laptop, the browser will automatically recalibrate your RAM and CPU usage to conserve battery life. This feature can be turned on or off in Edge’s System and Performance Settings menu above the Sleeping Tabs option.

Next on the list of Microsoft Edge updates is a simple update; the humble name of a rather useful function. If any of the passwords Edge has stored for you turns out to be compromised or leaked by a third party (which is common these days), the browser will try to give you the option to go directly to the Change Password page. on the site.

If this step works, Edge will show you a pop-up that, when clicked, will automatically fill in the Current and New password fields for you. At the moment, only a “limited number” of sites are supported by a simple update, but Microsoft says it will expand the list in the coming months.

The last notable change in Edge is the improved price tracker. Currently, Edge can show you a history of product prices when you shop on compatible websites, but it will soon be able to alert you in real time to any price changes as well.

Many browser extensions already offer this feature, but they usually require you to actually be on the appropriate store page before they display alerts. Thanks to the Edge implementation, you will be notified of price adjustments for recently viewed items, regardless of whether what kind the site you are on. You can find them by clicking the special blue button with a price tag to the right of the address bar of your browser. This feature is not yet available, but Microsoft says it will be “coming soon.”

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