Microsoft confirms all Xbox One consoles are no longer in production

What just happened? Pour one for Xbox One. Microsoft has just confirmed that it has discontinued the Xbox One S in late 2020, having previously stated that it had discontinued production of other versions of the Xbox One earlier in the year.

With the all-new Xbox Series X / S on the horizon, Microsoft announced in July 2020 that it would discontinue the Xbox One X and the all-digital Xbox One S, leaving only the standard version of the Xbox One S (with disc). disk) as the only remaining previous-generation Microsoft console still in production.

Now, however, Cindy Walker, senior director of product marketing for Xbox consoles, said: Edge that “to focus on the production of the Xbox Series X / S, we have discontinued production of all Xbox One consoles by the end of 2020.”

All that is left now is to sell retailers any remaining Xbox One X / S inventory they have left. After that, their sale is likely to be limited to second-hand stores and auction sites.

Confirmation that the entire Xbox One lineup is no longer in production came a day after Sony reportedly decided to continue production of the PlayStation 4 in response to a PS5 shortage. The company was supposed to end production of the PS4 either late last year or in 2022, but instead opted to increase production to meet demand from gamers who can’t get their hands on the current generation machine.

While the PS5 and Xbox Series X are absent from most retailers, Microsoft’s less powerful Xbox Series S is much easier to find. Since the last Xbox consoles went on sale, the Xbox Series S has surpassed the Xbox Series X in “several key markets” with roughly a 50/50 install base distribution across major territories.

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer explained one of the reasons the Xbox Series S is in higher numbers: “We can actually make more Series S. [chips] The same [chip] Die space, how can we Series X, ”he said. Microsoft also claims that Xbox Series X / S systems are selling faster than any previous generation of its consoles.

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