Microsoft changes BSoD in Windows 11 from black to blue

In short: Windows 11 users, do you find the horrible black screen of death and miss the calming habit of the traditional blue screen? Then there’s something to cheer on: Microsoft is rolling back a controversial change made to its latest OS, setting B in BSoD back to base color.

It was in July that Windows Insiders started seeing a black screen of death in Windows 11 previews instead of the usual blue, which was the biggest major change to the error message since Microsoft added a sad face to Windows 8 in 2012. , and QR codes in 2016.

But for those who prefer to have their fatal errors painted in calming blue rather than gothic black, the good news is that Microsoft is changing course. Ars Technica reports that the company recently posted a bug fix update (version number 22000.346) for Window 11 on its Beta and Release Preview Insider channels. Among the extensive list of changes and fixes in the update were the following:

We changed the screen color to blue when the device stops working or a stop error occurs, like in previous versions of Windows.

The Blue Screen of Death has been around since the early 1990s. Microsoft has never explicitly explained why it changed the color in Windows 11, although it was allegedly part of a “new OS, new look” plan.

Most Windows users weren’t too enamored with the color change, which might explain why Microsoft has reverted to blue, or perhaps it’s because one of these messages can be quite depressing enough even if it’s not shrouded in black. Whatever the reason, expect to see the new / old blue screen of death deployed to Windows 11 computers in a future update that could very well cause BSoDs.

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