Merchant court ruled that Google violated Sonos patents

What just happened? A US merchant court ruled in favor of Sonos in an ongoing legal battle against Google for alleged infringement of its speaker technology patents. Google has already responded with software updates to work around intellectual property claims that many of its customers are not receiving well.

After 60 days, Google will be prohibited from importing into the United States any product that is subject to a Sonos patent infringement regulation by the International Trade Commission. The decision is pending before the President during these 60 days. According to the New York Times, this have an impact Google Home speakers, Pixel phones, Chromecast and select computers.

Sonos was in the business of connected smart speakers before Google, but in 2013 the two companies partnered to make Sonos speakers compatible with Google Play Music. When Google later released Google Home, Pixel Phones, and Chromecast, Sonos said Google used information from their partnership and sued the company in January 2020.

The final decision this week confirms the preliminary August 2020 verdict in favor of Sonos.

Soon after, Google disclosed software updates for their smart speakers due to the ruling. Users will now have to adjust the volume of each speaker individually, and they will no longer be able to use the physical volume button on their phone to do this. The comments section for this ad is full of angry customers, some of whom are asking for a refund.

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