Meet the Stunning Women on Starship: Carolina Keeps Our Robot Fleet Healthy | Daniel Carrillo | Starship Technology | March 2022

Inspired by International Women’s Day, we at Starship also honor women of influence in our international community. Did you know that out of nearly 1,000 Starship employees, only a quarter are women? Therefore, the more we care and appreciate them, and, fortunately, the number of women in Starship is already constantly growing.

Caroline is the head of the maintenance team at Starship.

If you’re inspired by Carolina’s story, or if you’re interested in working for Starship, be sure to check out our career page as we currently have over 120 open positions worldwide.

Happy Women’s Day Carolina! Please tell us a little about your career path.

During the last year of my bachelor’s degree in information technology and biology, I took classes in robotics. The course took place simultaneously with the world’s largest robotics competition, Robotex, which took place in Tallinn. Accompanied by an enthusiastic robotics fan friend of mine, I volunteered to join the competition judge. Since that day, my world has changed forever.

In the meantime, I joined the Tallinn University of Technology Robotics Club to build my own robot. In addition, I started teaching robotics to children at the Tallinn Science High School. And when all the other stars aligned too, I joined the coolest guys in the area, Starship Technologies.

While still a student, I joined the company as a robot operator and enthusiastically started my job as a robotic technician in less than a year. I am currently the head of the service team in Tallinn/Helsinki.

I’m just as in love with robots today as I was when I first stepped into Starship in 2018. Since that day, the path of growth and discovery in the world of technology and in Starship has been amazing, and I love every moment of it. .

Wow, you and the robots really go hand in hand from the start. What does your typical day look like in your current role?

In addition to my robots in Tallinn, where the Starship development office is located, my work as a tech has also taken me to the UK, Washington, California and Wisconsin, which means I’m contributing all over the world, lending a helping hand wherever it’s needed. our robot friends. Recently, my dedication has been rewarded by being offered an exciting new position as Team Leader in Estonia and Finland.

My daily work at Starship is very varied. In the morning, our team usually holds a meeting to review the to-do list. Our top priority is to keep our robot fleet up and running. Being a robot technician is very similar to being a doctor. You have a certain number of patients whose names and problems you know by heart. They come in with complaints or for monthly health checks, and it’s our job to give them the best possible care. We keep detailed documentation for each robot and strictly monitor all necessary updates and fixes.

In addition to repairing robots, I also work daily with electronics testers to test, diagnose and repair our printed circuit boards (PCBs). One of the things that I fell in love with as an aspiring tech enthusiast was PCBs. The possibilities of a small but powerful electronic board have just opened up a whole new world for me, electrons moving through a miniature city to complete a program task still seem like magic to me.

What’s more, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the field at Starship, which is an absolute honor.

We love your ideas! Could you also tell us about the Starship culture?

The Starship culture is unlike any other. I get up every day with joy to go to work, and often do not even know when it is time to go home in the evening. People in Starship come together to share a common passion, and that’s not enough for me! The company has grown (and continues to grow!) quickly and exuberantly, while maintaining a sense of family among new and old team members.

We love it! Finally, do you have any advice for women who would like to get into tech or join the robot world too?

Growing up with an older brother and always hanging out with his friends taught me early on that how you present yourself is more important than your gender. This means that I have never felt like an outsider in an often male-dominated tech space, as more important than your gender is the passion and love you bring to the table and your team every day.

At Starship, employees are valued for their ability and passion for robots, regardless of their gender. I have always felt that I am valued and taken care of by every member of the team.

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