“Matvey, Lawyers”: PS5 Bezel Manufacturer Responds to Sony’s Legal Threats with New Design

Summary: If you were a company facing legal action from a multinational corporation like Sony, what course of action would you take? For PS5 bezel maker Dbrand, the answer is to mock the Japanese giant and its lawyers while simultaneously releasing a new version of the product that is causing it to get into trouble.

The story begins back in February, when Dbrand’s Darkplates – matte black PS5 bezels that gave the console a more classic PlayStation look – went on pre-sale. Confident that Sony would not target the company the way others sell similar products, Dbrand told her, “Come on, sue us.”

It looks like Dbrand was about to fulfill his wish last week when Sony sent him a termination letter. The Dark Plate was discontinued and declared “dead” by Dbrand. The Canadian firm used Reddit to explain what happened and the reason for its initial arrogance.

“You cannot successfully sue anyone for alleged ‘design infringement’ without a registered design patent. Sony did not have a registered design patent for the PS5 side panels when we launched Darkplates (or for many, many months after). “

“We didn’t think they would ever get one. They received. Here we are”.

But Dbrand doesn’t back down: check Dark Plates 2.0… It says the new product has a redesigned design with several features that set it apart from the PS5, including an air vent, which it says improves the standard specs of the console. “Mat, lawyers” – confidently fortunes

The new versions are not only available in black. Darkplate 2.0 also comes in the standard PS5 white and gray colors, the latter being described as “a color matched by a retro console that’s gone unnamed, perfect for those of you who miss your old Sony.”

You must admire Dbranda’s cojones. He still thinks Sony is “likely” to sue the company, but adds that “the difference this time is that we created an original design that they have no reason to claim infringement. If they want to try, they’d better be ready to pay for our legal services. “

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