Mario Golf: Super Rush Works Too Big a Swing


Over the years, Mario has tried his hand at many activities, from tennis, to fun, to Dance Dance Revolution, much less. But it’s always been golf where his reinvention has worked best. It provides the chaotic yin to the ordered yang of golf. Go back to tradition. Where golf may feel limited by its geriatric rhythm and the dusty building of rules and regulations, Mario Golf lets focus slowly and launch your Titleist like an American footballer.

Where golf has fought against a reputation for suffocating elitism, Mario Golf he has always welcomed everyone, from princesses to plumbers, from naked dinosaurs to Waluigi. Where golf, in the words of PG Wodehouse, is played with “the knowledge that only God watches.” Mario Golf it is an impious chaos played under a barren sky and guarded only by Toad.

But, in a painful revelation, the last Mario Golf teaches you that too much change can be a bad thing. Why Mario Golf: Super Rush-The seventh part of a series that stretches back to the NES — is at its best when Mario’s chaotic new rules don’t completely overshadow golf at the heart of the game.


There are many different ways in which Mario Golf: Super Rush, and while some have little resemblance to golf, everyone is swinging the club at the ball. This game follows the same basic formula: survey the forum for traps, choose a three wood on a putter, then resets the ball with the appropriate spin and power through a series of times of ground buttons. Play as one of a bunch of Nintendo characters, pimped out in golf slacks. Each comes with its own attributes and “special shots,” which do things like freeze the ground under your opponents ’feet or shell their balls into eggs.

Super Rush it’s the most fun in standard golf mode: This is a recognized golf, 18-hole course on Mario-themed courses. The first two of these, Rookie Course and Bonny Greens, are a classic mix of manicured lawns and hungry sand traps. They’re a bit boring, in all honesty, but good places to hone your skills before traveling in more zanier climates. The next four, unlocked by playing 18 holes on the previous course, are spread across the Mushroom Kingdom; passionate about Mario Odyssey he will rejoice. Lake Ridgerock is a winding archipelago populated by Ty-foos that will make you and your ball jump to an aqueous dam; Balmy Dunes is a desert oasis where you must avoid cactuslike pokeys; Wildweather Woods presents Piranha Plants and lightning storms. Finally, the zaniest of the lot, Bowser Highlands, is made up of the traps and lakes of fire of the avenging dragon. All courses feel vibrant and distinctive, a true tour of Nintendo’s iconic landscapes.

Although there is a competent online mode, the multiplayer player here is the excellent game. Here, he hits your ball into Bowser’s lava once and the other gets the live-in-the-chair abuse he deserves. You can play with only one controller, passed between you and friends. It’s worth noting that they take blows in Super Rush it’s probably too simplistic: While hitting the eagle after the eagle takes a few hours on the links, the right club is usually chosen for you, and you can largely ignore the more technical aspects of the game, such as the speed of the wind and the gradient of course, while always pulling a competent blow.

Other game modes vary in fun. Speed ​​Golf is the first change; interestingly, it wasn’t invented by Nintendo but it’s actually a real sport, a reaction to the divisive slowness of traditional golf. (Watch Jamie Reid from New Zealand wins the 6th British Open Speedgolf Championship). In Super Rush, sprint between the holes, and each shot you make adds 30 seconds to your time. You can, of course, attack your opponents: the courses are full of power-ups, such as hearts, which let you sprint longer, and coins, which fill your special hit meter. A naked return Mario Kart, it’s all much less exciting than it could be and feels like a vaguely useless interlude, especially on less frantic courses.

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