Lenovo’s upcoming 17-inch ThinkBook Plus may have an unusually wide main screen

Rumor mill: Lenovo’s creator-focused ThinkBook series isn’t new where interesting dual display form factors can be tried out. Renowned techie Evan Blass (@evleaks) has shared a picture of the upcoming ThinkBook Plus with an extra wide main display and a stylus-enabled secondary screen on the keyboard to help fine-tune illustrations.

CES 2022 is only a couple of months away, but it looks like Lenovo’s flagship product announcement has already been leaked. This time around, the manufacturer appears to be updating the ThinkBook Plus model with an unusually wide 17-inch display. Last year we saw Lenovo add an E Ink display to the 2nd generation laptop model, and it looks like the 3rd generation iteration could ditch it in favor of an additional display next to the keyboard.

Tweeted by user @evleaks, the leaked image shows a screen with a stylus, which usually contains a physical numeric keypad. Of course, replacing the numeric keypad with a touchscreen allows for a significant increase in functionality, and it will be interesting to see how productivity and design applications can take advantage of the smaller display.

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t any further info on specs or pricing for the 17-inch laptop, but we can expect 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake mobile chips under the hood.

On his Twitter thread, Evan Blass also general photographs of unreleased equipment from other companies that we are likely to see at the upcoming CES. Highlights include a pair of Asus ROG headphones, a Zephyrus Duo 16 gaming laptop, and a Surface Pro-style Flow Z13.

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