Konami Postpones 1.0 Update For eFootball 2022 And Refunds DLC Pre-Orders

What happened now? Less than a week before the 1.0 update was scheduled to release for its latest soccer game, Konami announced that it was postponing the update until next spring. This, along with refunds for DLC purchases, exacerbates the problems of the failed launch of eFootball 2022.

Konami said The game update 1.0, which was originally supposed to be released on November 11, will now be out in the spring of 2022. released Friday Update 0.9.1, which was originally supposed to be released on October 28, was also delayed. This update includes numerous bug fixes for PC and console versions, but Konami says it will announce updates for mobile versions at a later date.

Konami also automatically refunds pre-orders for the Premium Player Pack, which was only supposed to work after the 1.0 patch was released. In addition, after canceling a user’s pre-order, they will have to re-download the game in order to continue playing. The Premium Player Pack should include 2,800 in-game coins and items to help players build their in-game teams. Konami does not currently have details on when it will launch or reopen DLC pre-orders.

Konami launched eFootblal 2022 in late September as a major reboot of its association football series, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. Last year’s eFootball PES 2021 was actually just a roster update for the 2019 eFootball PES 2020 – Konami essentially took a year off to spend extra time developing the next entry that will replace its old graphics engine.

As a result, eFootball 2022 is a free to play game that should be identical across all platforms: consoles, PC and mobile. Since launch, it has become the worst Steam game of all time. Players have criticized how it uses mobile-grade graphics for PC and console versions, and how much of its features require separate purchases.

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