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KeePass is a free and open source password manager that helps you securely manage your passwords. You can store all your passwords in one database, which is locked with a master key. Thus, you only need to remember one master key to unlock the entire database. The database files are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES-256, ChaCha20 and Twofish).

KeePass is portable: you can carry it around on a USB stick and it works on Windows systems without installation.

Is it really free?

Yes, KeePass is indeed free, and what’s more: it’s open source (OSI certified). You can look at its full source code and check if the encryption algorithms are implemented correctly.

KeePass is free and you have full access to its source code. Open source prevents backdoors. You can look at the source code and compile it yourself.

What’s new

New features:

  • Most fixed-size dialogs now detect if they fit on the current screen, and when the dialog doesn’t fit (due to a very high DPI, for example), it’s reduced in size and scrollbars are displayed.
  • Several input command names have been added to the main window (for example, the command to edit the currently selected record/records is now called “Edit Record” or “Edit Records”, depending on the number of selected records).
  • Added a tooltip to the main part of the status bar of the main window.
  • Improved colored buttons (prompts, available names, …) in the input dialog, in the database settings dialog and in the options dialog.
  • Added “Interface (2)” tab to the options dialog, renamed the existing “Interface” tab to “Interface (1)”, moved some controls from “Interface (1)” to “Interface (2)”.
  • Improved font selection controls (with a checkbox to return to defaults, a button showing the currently selected font, tooltip, improved accessibility, etc.) in the options dialog.
  • Added “Dark Theme” and “Primary Font (Size)” help links in the options dialog.
  • Options “Custom alt. element color” and “Main window press Esc” are now disabled if they are enforced (forced by a config file).
  • Added support for opening URLs with Waterfox in private mode.
  • Added edit dialog (HMAC-based and time-based) for OTP generator settings (can be opened using OTP Generator Settings commands in the input dialog or in the main window’s Edit Entry (Quick) menu).
  • Added input commands “Copy HMAC Based OTP”, “Show HMAC Based OTP”, “Copy Time Based OTP”, and “Show Time Based OTP” (in the Other Data menu).
  • Added input commands “Copy title” and “Copy notes” (in the menu “Other data”).
  • When switching to the “Create” tab of the password generator dialog (the database is not open), the entropy collection dialog is now displayed if the “Show user input collection dialog as additional entropy” option is enabled.
  • Added “Colorize password symbols” option in HTML export/print dialog; colors are customizable.
  • Added “Custom Primary Font” and “Custom Password Font” options to the HTML export/print dialog.
  • Added horizontal line separators for records in table HTML export/printout.
  • In the plugins dialog, the “Delete old files from the cache automatically” option and the “Purge” button are now disabled when forced (via a forced config file).
  • Plugins can now change the expiration date of a record more easily.
  • Added workaround for Wine bug 52457.


  • Improved main window initialization performance.
  • Improved initial appearance of minimized or maximized main window (less flicker, improved performance, …).
  • Improved names/tooltips of database toolbar buttons in the main window.
  • Improved handling of bold/italic list fonts.
  • Improved performance of updating the list of entries in certain situations.
  • Improved dynamic menu deconstruction performance.
  • Fields that start with “HmacOtp-” or “TimeOtp-” no longer appear in the input line copy menu.
  • Improved tooltips and accessibility of password repeat text boxes.
  • When the dark theme is active, the background color of textbox errors is now darker.
  • Improved availability of expiration control groups.
  • The title of the Create/Change Master Key dialog box is now adapted to the context.
  • Improved the “Compression” tab of the database settings dialog (expanded description of the “None” option, better access, …).
  • If no color is specified, “Custom Alt. The Element Color button in the options dialog now shows the default color.
  • Improved HTML generation for HTML export/print.
  • Improved default fonts used when printing or exporting to HTML.
  • In HTML block export/printout, field names are no longer italicized (unless the user has selected an italic primary font).
  • When exporting/printing HTML, all field values ​​except passwords are now truncated.
  • Export/Print HTML: Improved encoding of spaces in passwords.
  • Improved horizontal record separator lines in HTML block export/printout.
  • TrlUtil: improved classification of controls.
  • Increased the key length of the Authenticode certificate.
  • Various CHM/help improvements.
  • Updated installer.
  • Various UI text improvements.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.

Error correction:

  • The “-preselect:” command line option now works as expected when the “Clear master key command line options after using them once” option is enabled.
  • Font selection in the options dialog now only applies when closing the dialog with [OK].

Changes from 2.51 to 2.51.1:

  • The “Use Alternating Element Background Colors” option is now compatible with automatic sorting again.
  • Improved performance of updating the list of records when there are duplicate records.
  • Fixed scrolling list entry bug.
  • Minor other improvements.

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