Jetpack Guy from Los Angeles was probably Jack Skellington’s balloon

What the heck ?! While jetpacks have moved from science fiction to reality in recent years, it seems that multiple observations of a person flying over Los Angeles using one of the devices could have a much simpler explanation: balloons.

The first sighting came last August when American Airlines pilots radioed, “We just overtook the guy in the jetpack.” Another pilot, who was approaching Los Angeles a few minutes later on the Jet Blue, also reported that a pilot with a jetpack was flying over their plane.

Another message came in October from a China Airlines pilot flying at 6,000 feet, followed by observation in July this year. In December 2020, a video was also posted on social media showing it to be someone with a jetpack flying about 3,000 feet off the coast of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

While jetpacks do exist, such as the one used by a paramedic from the UK, the chances of it being a person flying around like the Rocketman seemed unlikely, although last year we saw the jetpack pilot reach 6,000 feet. when taking off from the ground, not an overhead platform.

Now it looks like the mystery has been solved. The FBI and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have investigated the sighting reports, but none have been confirmed. The organizations say the working theory is that the pilots could see the balloons.

This finding seems all the more plausible given the images taken by a police helicopter (above) in November 2020, a couple of weeks after the second detection. They depict a balloon-like character, possibly Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, hovering several thousand feet above Los Angeles – one would assume he was out of touch with the Halloween show.

However, witnesses interviewed by the Los Angeles Times claim to have seen a human-shaped object that quickly changed direction rather than just hovering, leading to speculation that what people saw was a dummy or balloon attached to a drone to resemble a person with a jetpack. , something that European drone enthusiasts have already developed.

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