iPhone 14 Pro users find that the camera vibrates and makes noise in third-party apps.

In a nutshell: As with previous Apple phones, one of the highlights of the iPhone 14 Pro is its advanced camera technology. But it seems that owners are facing serious problems when using the Snapper phone through third-party apps like Instagram and Snapchat: the camera shakes and makes very annoying noises.

As noticed 9To5Mac, several iPhone 14 Pro owners are posting videos of their devices’ cameras exhibiting strange behavior when using third-party apps. Luke Miani from the YouTube tech channel of the same name posted a short clip on Twitter showing off his $999 phone using the Snapchat camera.

As you can see, not only does the image look like it has a drunken effect filter due to the vibrations, but the sudden movements of the camera module cause a buzz/rattle.

Similar complaints appear on the network. The issue only appears to occur when the camera is used through these third-party apps – the hugely popular TikTok also causes the same issues – and not in the iPhone 14 Pro’s own camera app.

Here’s another video of the camera rattling, courtesy of TikTok user Damian Munoz.

The good news for owners of the latest and greatest Apple devices is that this is almost certainly a software problem, not a hardware one, meaning that it can be fixed by updating the apps that cause camera shake.

The most likely explanation is that the apps weren’t ready for Apple’s latest optical image stabilization. The iPhone 14 Pro’s 48-megapixel main camera uses second-generation Sensor Shift optical stabilization from Cupertino, which physically moves the sensor to counteract the effects of camera shake.

The problem is not present on all iPhone 14 Pro phones – some users have tried to recreate shaking in applications, but without success. It is not known exactly how many devices are experiencing strange camera vibrations/noises, but we hope that this should be fixed with a patch soon.

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