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While many are skeptical about QLC memory, we assure you that Intel has done a great job with the Intel SSD 600p. It boasts very good performance figures, comes with a 5-year warranty and support for 256-bit AES hardware encryption. At $ 0.20 per GB, this is a great buy for most. However, be careful, if you need a lot of recording time, don’t skimp. With 200TB endurance, our 1TB sample only has 1/6 the endurance of the 970 PRO and 1/3 the endurance of most regular NVMe SSDs.

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The Intel SSD 660p will shake the bottom of the NVMe market with very good performance at an unprecedented price, although write speeds can plummet to 100MB / s when very large amounts of data are written to the drive or when it starts to fill up. up. Note that the 512MB version provides significantly lower performance.

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The Intel SSD 660p may not be the leader in consumer SSDs in terms of absolute performance, but it does offer significant savings. Intel has set the MSRP for the 512GB Intel SSD 660p at $ 99 and for the 1TB model at just $ 199. Those prices are roughly $ 0.19 per gigabyte, which is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen for any SSD, let alone a modern NVMe drive that’s been tuned specifically for mainstream computing applications. And that’s assuming they sell for their MSRP – many Intel drives currently have retail prices below their MSRP.

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Ever since solid state drives were around, Intel has been known for making some of the highest quality solid state drives on the market. However, this was usually accompanied by a fairly high premium, such as the 750 series when they first launched. Then, in August …

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If you’ve delayed your move to NVMe solid state storage due to the associated costs, times are certainly changing. Intel unveiled its 660p series of solid state drives this week, which gives 512GB of NVMe storage for $ 99 or 1TB for $ 200. Intel …

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The Intel SSD 660p is the first QLC NAND SSD to hit our testbed. It provides long-awaited hard facts to allay rumors and concerns surrounding QLC NAND. We didn’t have much time to review the drive, and we didn’t have time to do much to measure …

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It has been a long time since we reviewed the new client 2.5-inch hard drive, but the last time we did so, the 2TB drive showed 4K random IOPS at just under 100 reads, then how we look at 60,000 with 660p. Although we ran sequential tests today, it doesn’t perform quite as well as it did with hard drives, the 660p delivers 225MB / s sequential reads of large blocks and 77MB / s writes, compared to around 115MB / s of the hard drive. and 110 MB / s, respectively. In the market conditions that Intel is trying to solve with the 660p, they have successfully met their goal. The 660p is designed to meet the needs of large-sized mobile storage and continues the attack on 2.5-inch hard drives whose days are clearly numbered.

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Intel SSD 660p shocks the system a little. Not only is this NVMe drive the first Quad-Level Cell (QLC / 4-bit) solid state drive on the market to offer more capacity, it’s faster in everyday use and a lot cheaper at $ 200 / TB – than even….

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QLC NAND flash arrived, and Intel was the first company to provide us with a 4-bit, four-level drive for testing. This is a great thing for consumers as it will help drive down SSD prices and allow more terabyte SSDs to be introduced for …


Intel has set the QLC flag and has shown it to be good enough to replace TLC for most typical PC users. Although QLC writes are slower than previous methods, the impact is effectively mitigated by using a large dynamic SLC cache. SM2263 is …

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The Intel SSD 660p delivers high capacity, high performance in real-world workloads and impressive energy efficiency. At just $ 0.20 per GB, nothing on the market beats it, but our recommendation contains a caveat. You…

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NVMe SSDs are finally hitting the mainstream, and the times when we only had one or two options are thankfully behind us. There are currently over a dozen NVMe drives released, including some that successfully flirt with budget prices if you have a system that supports …



Intel SSDs are in agreement with competing SSDs that can be used to work with SSDs if required so that they can be used if needed to do it better if you want performance improvements.

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Intel SSD 660p offers large archive capacity, reliable performance with lifelike images and energy efficiency. Con prezzi di appena 20 centesimi di dollaro al GB, ha un valore unico, ma State Attention se usate carichi pesanti e …

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