Intel rumored to order 3nm TSMC chips for Meteor Lake graphics tiles

Rumor mill: News from Taiwan claims that Intel has asked Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to make 3nm chips for its upcoming Meteor Lake processors. If true, he is adding to the multi-node processes that Meteor Lake will include in its new “tiled” design.

Taiwan News Agency Commercial Times claims that the graphics processing hardware in the Meteor Lake processors will be a 3nm TSMC chip. Industry insiders say TSMC will begin production by the end of 2022. East Asia Financial Analyst Dan Nistedt noted Intel plans to equip them with proprietary compute tiles for Meteor Lake processors.

The 14th Gen Intel Core processors (Meteor Lake) are expected to be released in 2023. The 12th Gen Alder Lake processors just debuted, and the 13th Gen Raptor Lakes are due sometime next year.

Meteor Lake will split its various components – graphics, I / O and computing – into individual chiplets, which Intel calls “tiles” in a new packaging method called Foveros. Each will use a different node process. The compute tiles will use Intel’s 7nm “Intel 4” process technology. The Commercial Times reports that the I / O tiles will use either the TSMC N5 or its N4 process, and the GPU tiles will use the 3nm process technology.

Last week CNET photographed one of these tiles on one of Intel’s Meteor Lake test processors. These will be Intel’s first 7nm processors. AMD’s latest Zen3 processor competitors already use TSMC’s 7nm process, although the 10nm Alder Lakes processors have already performed better in benchmarks.

Image Credit: Stephen Shankland

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