Intel Core i9-13900KF (QS) Reported to Hit 6.1GHz in Benchmarks

What happened now? A popular tech content creator recently purchased an Intel Core i9-13900KF Processor Qualification (QS) and ran some tests. He compared it to the equivalent Intel Alder Lake processor, the i9-12900KF, to see the performance boost Raptor Lake would provide. The results were incredible, especially when overclocked with a liquid cooler.

As the launch of the new 13th generation Intel Raptor Lake processor approaches, more tests and leaks are appearing online. Recently, Extreme Player, a popular content creator on the Chinese social network Bilibili, received a qualifying sample of the flagship Intel Core i9-13900KF processor.

Extreme Player tested the new processor against the powerful Intel Alder Lake i9-12900KF processors. He wanted to see how the processor handled liquid-cooled overclocking. The processor passed the CPU-Z test, with all performance cores running at 6.1 GHz.

He then tested the processor in Cinebench and the results were stunning. The processor scored a Cinebench multi-core score of 42,790 with all performance cores clocked at 5.8GHz, beating out the i9-12900KF’s 26,939 multi-core score. The water-cooled i9-13900KF also scored 5,000 points more than its air-cooled results. The Raptor Lake processor saw a 72 percent increase in CPU-Z scores over the i9-12900KF.

Extreme Player noted that on his Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Apex, core performance was incredibly stable at 5.8GHz in Cinebench benchmarks, and also at 6.1GHz in CPU-Z benchmarks. The performance cores also ran consistently at 4.7GHz in Cinebench benchmarks and ran steadily at 5.2GHz in CPU-Z.

These benchmarks give users a preview of what to expect from the new generation of Intel processors, with notable improvements in performance and potential clock speeds. However, it would be fair to take these results with a pinch of salt, as this is a Qualification Sample processor and not an officially released consumer processor. However, the performance is promising and consumers should be excited and hopeful.

Image Credit: Extreme Gambler

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