Instagram will soon require you to submit your birthday for security reasons.

Editor’s comment: Facebook is taking additional steps to help “create safer, more personal experiences for young people” on Instagram. Namely, you will need to announce your birthday. Otherwise, you will lose access to Instagram. And don’t plan on lying, because Instagram will know.

Pavni Divanji, VP of Youth Products at Facebook, said in a recent blog post that they started asking people share your birthday from Instagram if they haven’t already. Instagram actually started this way at the end of 2019, when they first started asking users to tell the company about their birthday, but this was not required.

This will change soon.

Divanji said that users who have not yet shared their birthday will start seeing notifications with information when they open Instagram. “… If you haven’t told us your birthday by a certain point, you will need to share it to continue using Instagram,” Divanji added, but did not specify a specific date.

Additionally, Instagram will start showing warning screens posted on posts based on age. These alerts are not new, as they have accompanied confidential or picture messages for a while, but now you will need to provide your birthday to see them if you haven’t already shared them.

Divanji said birthday information is needed to support new features designed to protect young users. It will also be used to help Instagram serve more relevant ads to users.

For those who are just planning to point out a fake birthday, Instagram might be one step ahead of you. Divanji said they are now using artificial intelligence to “estimate” how many years of use based on things like Happy Birthday messages.

“In the future, if someone tells us that they are older than a certain age, and our technology says otherwise, we will show them a menu of options to check their age,” Divanji added.

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