Instagram has built a unique feature to pay creators with reels

  • Instagram is working on a feature that could allow creators to “get paid” to share Reels.
  • TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube already have funds for creators who pay some users for videos in short form.
  • The Instagram feature is just an internal prototype, though.
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Instagram is developing a direct payment feature that can pay creators when they share again Weather in Mulinelli.

The feature, still in development and not being tested externally, is called a “Bonus”.

Last week, mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi split a screenshot with information from the feature prototype to Twitter, which he discovered using the reverse engineering Instagram code.

The monetization feature would allow creators to “earn bonuses from Instagram when sharing new Reels,” according to the image he shared.

Instagram confirmed that the information was from an internal prototype but did not provide further details to Insider.

Although few details are clear on the “Bonus” feature, it appears to be similar to other video payment programs in the correct form in competing applications.

TikTok in 2020 has launched its creator fund – a $ 1 billion multi-year program that pays eligible creators for in-app publishing. While the new bottom has made a splash, some creators he said the program does not generate much revenue for them.

Snapchat has launched a payment schedule in November 2020 to lure creators to “Spotlight,” its short-form rival TikTok rival, shelling out millions of dollars to creators – even lying to some teenage millionaires in the process. (Last week, Snapchat he finished his million dollars a day payments to creators, even though the company said it still pays “millions” a week.) And earlier this month, YouTube announced a creator fund for Shorts (another TycTok copycat) that will pay 100 millions of dollars to creators by 2022.

Instagram hasn’t even announced a proper creator fund.

But such a fund is not “off the table,” Instagram boss Adam Mosseri recently said said The Information in an interview.

“I’m personally more realistic and excited to build monetization products that help [creators] earning a long-term living than writing directly to the blind, but I am not opposed to writing the blind, ”Mosseri said.

Many Instagram executives including Mosseri – and even Mark Zuckerberg of Instagram’s parents – have publicly spoken of ongoing efforts to develop more new ways for creators to earn money on the platform.

Last year, Instagram launched a program to share advertising revenue for IGTV (always on first try) and tipping on Live with “Badges”; has also has developed more shopping features to creator accounts.

And last month, Mosseri and Zuckerberg explained both three new creators-monetization projects at work on Instagram: designer shops, a native affiliate-marketing program, and a branded content market.

While other social media platforms are pouring millions of dollars into the creators – and in return winning their loyalty – Instagram is still “behind” the monetization, Mosseri told The Information.

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