Images of HTC Vive Flow, information coming ahead of this week’s presentation

Why is it important: HTC’s new virtual reality headset will launch later this week, and while the company has released a teaser trailer, it doesn’t show very much of the device. Of course, there have been leaked images posted online that give us a good idea of ​​the Vive Flow.

As reported ProtocolHTC has been teasing for the past few weeks with its presentation, which is likely to take place this Thursday, using the phrase “Go with the Flow.” The company used several images in its campaign, which suggest that the lightweight headset is ideal for meditation, multimedia viewing and similar activities.

Thanks to documents published by the Bluetooth SIG consortium, we know that the Vive Flow, which uses the internal name ‘Hue’, is a versatile headset, which probably means it is a standalone VR headset that does not require a PC or phone connection to nutrition.

The protocol notes that the Vive Flow will contain a less powerful chipset than the Oculus Quest 2, but it will have 6 degrees of tracking freedom, making it more immersive than Facebook’s discontinued Oculus Go.

Thanks to active producer Evan Blass, we now have images and information about the new HTC headset. It features a double-hinge system to fit different head sizes, a snap-on face pad, immersive spatial sound, adjustable lenses and an active cooling system. Users can also pair it with a phone via Bluetooth and use their phone as a virtual reality controller.

Pre-orders for Vive Flow will begin on October 15th and shipments will begin in early November. It will cost $ 499. That’s $ 200 more than Steam’s current most popular VR device, the Oculus Quest 2, and half the price of the admittedly much more powerful, second-ranked Valve Index.

News also surfaced this week that Magic Leap will release a successor to its AR headset after raising $ 500 million in funding. Enterprise-focused Magic Leap 2 comes out next year with several improvements over its predecessor.

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