How to Review a Business on Google Maps

  • You can write Google reviews of restaurants, attractions, and other places on Google Maps.
  • When you write a Google review, others may see your “About Me” page and all your reviews.
  • Those who are part of the Local Guides can also earn points for their reviews.
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If you want to share your opinion – both positive and negative – about a company, you can write one Google magazine. On the Google Maps website and mobile app, you can share magazines, add photos, and select a star for any activity or location listed on the platform.

Here’s how to write a Google review, what the rules are, and what happens after you post a review.

Rules for submitting a Google review

In order for your review to remain on Google Maps, you must follow it Google rules. This means that everything in your review must be accurate, thematic, and you cannot use defamatory language. Your criticism cannot be falsified, copied or stolen from another. It may also be sexually explicit, offensive, or represent a conflict of interest (e.g., users may not review their own business and reviewers may not be paid for their reviews.)

Users may report a review if it appears to violate the rules, and if Google agrees with this assessment, the company reserves the right to abandon it, and may also suspend or remove “abusive accounts.”

What happens after I post a Google review

Your magazines are public, so other people can see yours. ”For me”page, in addition to other reviews and ratings you have posted, including any photos you have added to those.

And if you are a part of Local Guides, which is essentially Google’s version of Yelp, you can also earn points for creating reviews – points that lead to badges in your profile, as well as “early access” to Google’s new features. If you’re looking to review a location that isn’t listed, Local Guides is also how to add the location to Google Maps so you can review it.

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