How to Change App Icons on an iPhone or iPad

  • You can change almost any app icon on your iPhone or iPad using the Shortcuts app.
  • The Shortcuts app allows you to create new app icons that launch the apps you choose when you tap them.
  • Once you’ve made new app icons, you can hide your original app icons in the App Library.
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If you use the same few apps every day, there’s a good chance that their icons have been burned into your memory. This is great for building muscle memory, but not very visually appealing.

Fortunately, the newer versions of iOS and iPadOS include a feature that allows you to change almost any app icon to any image you want. You can also change the name of the app, which is nice if you have some nicknames for your favorites.

Here’s how you can change your iPhone’s app icons with the Shortcut app.

How to change your app icons on iPhone and iPad

First of all, make sure:

  • You have to upgrade your device for at least iOS 14 o iPadOS 14.
  • You have u Shortcut app installed.
  • You have the images you want to use for the new icons saved on your device.

Once you’re ready:

1. Open the Shortcut app and tap the plus sign in the top right corner.

change app icons 1

Create a new shortcut.

William Antonelli / Insider

2. Tap “Add Action”.

3. In the menu that opens, look for “Open app” and select it when it comes under “Actions.”

change app icons 2

You will make a shortcut that opens an app.

William Antonelli / Insider

4. Tap the “Choose” place and select the app you want to make a new icon for.

change app icons 3

You want to select the app whose icon you want to change.

William Antonelli / Insider

5. Tap the three dots in the top right corner to open an options menu.

6. Tap “Add to Home Screen” and then say a name to your shortcut. You can make this the app’s proper name, or a nickname.

change app icons 7

Adding your access to the home screen will allow you to choose a custom image.

William Antonelli / Insider

7. Tap the default icon next to the name to select your new app icon. You can choose “Take a Photo” to capture a new image, “Choose Photo” to use an image you’ve saved in your Photos app, or “Choose File” to select an image in your device’s Files app .

8. Tap “Add” in the top-right.

change app icons 4

Choose a name and photo, and then “Add.”

William Antonelli / Insider

You now have a new and fully functional app icon on your home screen. You can move it around like any other app, but just note that if you delete it, the app will remain on your device until you remove the original app icon.

And if you want to hide the original app icon so you don’t mess up the home screen:

1. Tap and hold your finger on the original app icon.

2. Select “Remove App”, and then “Remove from Home Screen”.

change app icons 6

Your new app icon will appear, and you can hide the original.

William Antonelli / Insider

You can find the original in your own App Library, the last page of your home screen.

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